It’s great to see a financial planning group caring enough for its customers to provide such an amazing game to help me financially educate my daughter. Mazerro was wonderful in the way it explained how to handle money, credit cards and investing …. so much so my daughter now calls money Mazuma! I highly recommend Mazerro to anyone with children.- Kate B. (Parent)
We wanted our 3 children to understand key financial basics to use in their adult life and were recommended Mazerro as way of making financial education fun and interactive. We played Mazerro as a family, the game was fantastic fun but importantly Mazerro provided an understanding of effective saving habits, investment principles and the benefits of income insurance. I highly recommend Mazerro to any parent who wants to financially educate their kids.- Daniel C. (Parent)
I loved everything about Mazerro, it was the best game I have ever played. You learn how life is for you when you’re an adult. Mazerro teaches you about investing money, paying taxes and repaying credit cards.- Amber (age 12)
I really liked playing Mazerro! I liked the way the game can teach people how to save, invest and all that stuff about money. It’s a great game!- Chloe (age 11)
I loved Mazerro! I liked having the chance to learn about money, saving, investments and heaps of other life stuff. I learned about how to save money, pay tax and it was in a fun way!- Kate (age 12)