Meet the Characters

Central to the success of Mazerro is the character driven storyline. Each larger than life character comes from a different part of the universe and has secrets to share about Savings, Spending, Investing, Mobile Phones, Using Credit Cards, Insurance and Taxation.

Hopensee - Mazerro


Hopensee is a little alien from the distant planet called Leniter. Hopensee is the main character of the game and has little wealth or knowledge about the world of money and finance.

Universal one cropped

Universal 1 (U1)

The “U1″ is the current Master of Mazuma (money). His knowledge is unlimited but he is looking to retire and must find a suitable replacement. He has sent Nytro out into the universe to search for a worthy apprentice to replace him – will it be you?


Nytro - MazerroNytro

The very smart Nytro is a small metallic guide that is used by the “U1″ to travel throughout the whole universe to find the next potential Master of Mazuma. Nytro’s main mission is to help Hopensee.

Slooter - Mazerro


Slooter is a very slick and dodgy salesman. He has been known to try and con people out of their Mazuma by selling things they don’t necessarily need or want.


Flyvis white - Mazerro

Flyvis is a successful and wealthy rock star who quite simply loves to spend Mazuma shopping at M-mart – the universe’s most exclusive shopping mall! He is very likeable but can set a bad example by his extravagant and wild spending habits. Be careful not to go shopping with the king!



Feeder is powerful and unscrupulous and is the arch enemy of the ‘U1′. Feeder desires to take control of the universe by using Mazuma to hypnotise others and will stop at nothing to get his way.


Stashers - MazerroStasher

Stashers are little aliens who live on the planet Copia and crave importance. Feeder controls them because they believe that the more Mazuma they have, the more important they are compared to everyone else.

Penurians - Mazerro


The Penurian’s believe that you should only have the basics of living – food, shelter and security and you should not own (or spend Mazuma on) ‘unnecessary items’ such as mp3 players and video games.