About the Game

Mazerro is more than a game – it’s a character driven adventure where ‘education meets fun and entertainment.’


  • Builds knowledge of money and finance in a language that kids understand.
  • Takes kids on a fun adventure while experiencing the outcomes of their financial decisions.
  • Provides an understanding of Savings, Spending, Investing, Mobile Phone usage, Using Credit Cards, Insurance and Taxation.

Mazerro combines traditional game play with smartphone technology.

Mazerro uses a FREE APP to provide players with ‘the Optio’ – an ancient money management device that enables each player to understand and manage their income whilst they’re faced with financial obstacles and carry out specific tasks during game play.

Mazerro confronts the players with many and varied life experiences that create the need to save, spend, invest, use mobile phones, manage credit cards, pay taxes and be insured.

Mazerro helps kids to learn and understand everyday money and finance concepts that are so important, yet often forgotten, giving them the financial head start they deserve.

Buy the game, download the free App and start playing today!