About the Creators

Mazerro was created by two ‘like minded’ financial advisers to provide an effective financial education option for kids.

After extensive research, including years of discussing finance with a diverse range of parents and kids, it became very clear there is limited choice for parents who wanted their kids to have access to quality financial education but didn’t necessarily have the skills to provide it themselves and for kids who said that learning about money needed to be more fun.

This feedback was the catalyst behind developing a product that was both fun and engaging while helping the kids to understand and learn the everyday money and finance concepts that are so important yet often forgotten.

“We all agreed that for education to be effective it had to be both interesting and engaging and provide an experience that mirrored real life”

Both advisers have enjoyed a high level of success within their respective practices due to their ability to take the very complex intricacies of the finance world and communicate them simply to people from all walks of life and have used these skills in the development of Mazerro.