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At Mazerro, we are passionate about providing financial education to kids.

We believe quality financial education for kids is far too important to ignore and that those who learn sound money management skills early in life will be best prepared when faced with the many financial challenges that confront so many adults in the world today.

What is Mazerro?
Mazerro is a board game that combines traditional game play with smart phone technology. Mazerro builds knowledge of money and finance and gives kids the opportunity to learn the outcomes of their financial decisions through a fun, character-driven story line in a language they can understand.

Why should you be concerned about the financial education of your kids?
Kids needs to develop sound financial habits at an early age to enable them to be prepared when confronted with the many financial challenges that lay ahead in adolescence and adulthood.

A nationwide survey commissioned by GE Money showed ‘4 in 10 people admitted to not knowing much about investing.’

A lack of financial education leads to poor financial choices, which in turn creates a life of financial difficulty.

How does Mazerro provide financial education?
At Mazerro we believe financial education for kids is not easily available at school or at home and we want to assist parents and grandparents to provide this education in a simple, fun and effective way.

Mazerro challenges kids to become the next Master of Mazuma (money), which ultimately rewards the player who is most efficient in managing their finances. Mazerro has been fully trialled and tested during the developmental phase and is shown to improve the financial literacy of kids.

I loved everything about Mazerro, it was the best game I have ever played. You learn how life is for you when you’re an adult. Mazerro teaches you about investing money, paying taxes and repaying credit cards.” Amber (age 12)

Why makes Mazerro unique?
Mazerro’s uniqueness lies in its ability to explain financial principles and sound financial habits in a language kids can understand.

Mazerro entertains and educates at the same time ensuring kids will want to play the game over & over which helps cement the financial principles and habits that can be taken into adult life.

Mazerro explains & promotes:
  • Savings – Effective savings techniques and the secret trick to building wealth
  • Investing – Learn about the different investment options and their benefits
  • Credit Cards – How to manage credit and its be wary of its pitfalls
  • Insurance – The value of protecting your income and other assets
  • Taxation – An introduction to taxation and what it’s used for
  • Marketing, Mobile Phones and much, much more!

Why you should buy the game ‘Mazerro – Where Kids Learn to Master Money’?
Our many years of research and product testing has shown us that providing kids with an interactive environment where they can handle money, credit cards, make financial decisions and experience the outcomes of these decisions is a highly effective way to gain an understanding of financial principles & develop sound financial habits.